HR Network Africa launches salary survey

The salary survey which is the maiden survey conducted by HR Network Africa is geared towards soliciting data on HR Professionals’ salaries across industries and regions in Ghana.

The exercise is to create a concrete database and inform salary decisions for the human resource practice in Ghana.

HR Network Africa is an association of HR Professionals across Africa seeking to enrich the knowledge and practice of HR Management through interactive activities and networking with other experts in the field.

Its aim is to build and expand the network to influence the culture of every organisation in Ghana and beyond the borders.

In Ghana, access to data on competitive salaries for various job roles is still a challenge for HR Practitioners.

“To address this challenge, the HR Network Africa is taking a bold step to undertake this salary survey to have a concrete database and salary benchmarks for human resource practitioners in the country. “

This five (5) minutes anonymous survey is expected to be taken by most HR Practitioners from various industries. Partakers of the survey are assured of maximum confidentiality.

The goal of the salary survey is to develop a competitive salary structure for the HR profession and also serve as a guide to HR Professional negotiation of competitive compensation and benefits. It will serve as a reference for organizations to determine competitive remuneration for the HR roles and help determine their specific pay philosophy and policy.

The survey is focused on HR Practitioners in Ghana in all the various regions and industries.

The survey is expected to be launched on November 17 and will roll till November 30, 2021. Preliminary findings will be disclosed during the upcoming HR Connect Conference in December 2021.

Message to the Public

A big thank you to the Founder of HR Network Africa, Cynthia M. Kodowu, Dr. Eric Afful-Dadzie of the University of Ghana, and the Salary Survey Project Volunteers for this initiative.

This project, we believe, will be a landmark project for HR practice in Ghana and Africa. We also thank the various media houses for their support and all HR Practitioners for embracing this initiative.

We, therefore, entreat all HR Practitioners in the country to take five (5) minutes of their time to take the survey.

We wish to remind the business community, both private and public that, effective HR practice is the heart of creating value for an organization.



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