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The HR Network is an association and community of high-performing and credible people management professionals who are focused on accelerating business results through strategic human capital best practices.

Our prime focus is on providing education, job opportunities, and networking to our members, whilst advocating for the HR profession and practice to be respected, valued, and recognized as a strategic value addition to businesses in Ghana.


Corporate Solutions

Our Services

Talent Acquisition Services

The HR Network offers services, such as doing job searches, reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, and verifying references, to assist businesses in finding and hiring outstanding people.

Employee Training And Development

The HR Network offers training courses to aid workers in learning new things, enhancing their performance, and advancing their careers.

Payroll And Benefits Administration

HR Network provide services to manage employee compensation, including payroll processing, tax withholding, and benefits administration.

Human Resource Consulting

The HR Network provide strategic consulting services to help companies develop and implement effective HR policies and practices.

Performance Management

The HR Network provide tools and services to help companies track and manage employee performance, including performance evaluations, goal setting, and performance improvement plans.

Compliance And Legal Services

The HR Network provide services to help companies comply with federal and state employment laws and regulations, including HR audits, legal advice, and risk assessments.

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Board / Management Team

Margaret Jackson
Board Chair
Jeffrey Kakra Boham
Vice Chair
Leslie Edem Grey
Board Secretary
Cynthia Mawulawoe Kodowu
Founder | Executive Director

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